2 Ply Bitumen Membranes

Commercial Applications

When building owners are looking for a roof system that is durable and easy to maintain many look at bitumen membranes. Some systems are better performers than others when it comes to bitumen membranes. The most effective rubberized type is the 2 Ply SBS membrane. Not only are bituminous membranes easy to maintain some systems are fully recyclable and are considered green roof systems.

They are also ideal for sloped or unusual roof applications


Repairing rubberized systems requires less work than conventional tar and gravel types. They are also more easily retrofitted with new fixtures such as curbs, stacks, skylights etc. When it’s time to replace a membrane roof all you have to do is torch another layer over top, providing dirt and debris is removed and coat of primer applied.


When it comes to re-roofing rubberized membrane systems can save building owners a lot of money. There are specialized systems made to be laid over top of existing roofs such as tar and gravel. Normally there can be problems with installing membranes over tar and gravel roofs if the right products and procedures are not taken. A 1/8inch protection board can be used or a pre-laminated Xpress board made by Soprema can be mechanically fastened over the existing roof with good results.

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