4-Ply Hot Tar System

Industrial Roofs

Most Industrial buildings are fairly large in area and in most cases are 4- Ply Hot Tar systems. Hot tar roofs are sometimes reffered to as Built-up Roofing, meaning the system is built-up or manufactured on site. One layer of building paper is applied with hot tar over another layer until four layers are achieved.


Because most Industrial and commercial roofs are constructed with steel decks they require vapour barriers and insulation to support the roof system. The most common type of insulation. Used is a foam insulation called “Polyisocyanurate” and also fiberboard insulation. In some cases when a tapered insulation may be required.


Because tar and gravel roofs are very labour intensive they can be quite expensive to replace. Repairing may be a good option for most building owners where cost is a major factor. Identifying the problem and prescribing the right application with hot tar roofs can prolong the Life of the roof and save money.

Residential Homes

For home owners who want a proven roof system that will stand the test of time, tar and gravel or built-up roofing is still the number one system in the market.

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